15 Jun 2020 in News

Thibault Thibault

Q&A With New Signing


1. Firstly, what made you want to sign for Seaham Red Star?

🅰️ Colly has been trying to sign me for a few seasons and I think it was time for me to get a new challenge. On top of that I only heard great things about the club and the pitch is one of the best around which will suit my style of play

2. The club have a rich history, what are you hoping to achieve next season?

🅰️ Personally I hope to have good run in the vase and the FA cup. Being up there with top scorers and have a full season without any injuries

3. With the pandemic, do you think we’ll get a full season in, in 2020-21?

🅰️ I reckon we will, things are getting slowly back to normal and even if we start later than usual they might scrap some of the cups to finish the season before June next year.

4. What’ve you been doing during this break to keep busy and keep fit?

🅰️ I am just recovering from a knee injury so I had to to my own programme of rehabilitation which help to stay busy. It’s been tough, mostly for my missus 😂 she’s desperate for me to play again I’m a nightmare when I don’t have football regularly

5. The Premier League returns next week, do you think that’s the correct decision with the way the UK is at the moment?

🅰️ I think it is a great decision. Look at the other countries in Europe they have all started again and everything looks smooth and organised

6. What would you say your biggest achievement is in football?

🅰️ Winning the world youth cup and scoring in the final is up there, but just last week I got voted player of the decade for the conference I used to play in America, to me that tops everything I’ve ever won

7. What are the realistic expectations for Seaham next season?

🅰️ As a Team, we need to finish top 8, you’ve got clubs that you already know will finish at the top given their budget but I’m sure we can challenge and have decent cup runs

8. Do you know any of the lads or coaching staff at Seaham already?

🅰️ I played with Wella at a few clubs then played against most of the lads. I know Colly from playing against his team a few times, scored every time probably why he signed us 😂

9. What’s your go-to song on the karaoke?

🅰️ I am a terrible singer so unless it is for initiation you won’t see me holding the mike but I’d say a few french songs are up my sleeve

10. Finally, do you prefer a night in or night out?

🅰️ You can’t beat a night out in the toon but as you get older and wiser a night in is all you need 😂


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